Different types of Minecraft versions available

We all know that Minecraft is the most streamed online game, and it has so many benefits. People love to spend their spare time playing Minecraft games. But do you know that there are different types of Minecraft versions available online?

These versions come with different features and functions that perfectly suit your desktop and give you the best experience. If you have difficulty finding the best version according to your desktop, you can find more information about different versions and download it according to your preference.

Minecraft java

This version is the oldest one, generally used in devices like Microsoft windows, apple’s mac book, or Linux. This version was released in 2009. It works typically on javascript, which is often used to run games in windows.

The benefit of having Minecraft java is that it enables players to alter their version. It comes with many technical features to make your game exciting and compelling. However, this version provides their customer’s modification who wishes to create and develop some different and new.

Minecraft bedrock

The youngest version of Minecraft can be used in Windows 10, iOS, Android, Amazon kindle, Nintendo switch, play station 4 and 5, window mixed reality, and many more. This version has replaced the legacy console edition and is better for gathering updates. In addition, this version allows its players to play together on one hosted server through a game client.

You can also host these games alongside and enjoy a realistic experience. However, unlike java, this version has limited features to enjoy. Moreover, it can be challenging and tricky while play games in this version and modify them.

Along with that, this version is the only one which has access to the Minecraft marketplace. So you can purchase maps, quality and modifications online and make the version more exciting and worthy.

Minecraft education

Unlike the other two versions, this one is less popular among people. It is not accessible by thousands of people due to several terms. Firstly, you have to be a member of an academic institution or provide education services. For instance, you must be a librarian, curator, or part-time school worker. If you are one of them, only you can access this Minecraft version.

However, it can be used on Windows 10, Mac Osx and iOS 9. Moreover, this edition also provides a wide range of topics like math, history, English and science. However, this is good for students because it will fully make their education exciting and enjoyable. We all know that learning from playing has been stuck in our minds for a long time. So, if you are a student, this Minecraft version is the best one for you.

These are the top three Minecraft version available online to choose from. You can opt for anyone according to your preferences. Always remember that different version offers different faculties and features and games. That is why you can read all the descriptions provided above before choosing the most reliable one.

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